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Foresight Sports GC2K Premium Package Simulator Studio (3m x 2,5m)

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Product Description

Foresight Sports GC2K Premium Package Simulator Studio

This Studio is perfect for any home or business.  Additionally, the reinforced frame is durable enough for any commercial application.

This stunning display is made possible by the new matte-box design and a tension system that renders the screen completely flat and free of wrinkles. Our design blocks ambient light thus enhancing contrast and gives the same image quality as high-end golf simulation units but at a much lower price. 

This entire set up can also be used as an entertainment system for that awesome cinematic experience when viewing movies or playing the latest computer games. In short, it's a system that the whole family can enjoy.

The studio comes with the following:

  • GC2K launch monitor
  • Frame Work
  • High quality impact screen
  • Black backing for impact screen
  • Black sides and roof material
  • Protective pads for sides and room poles
  • Bungees to attach all material to framework
  • Mat 3fit x 5fit
  • Projector

The GC2-K Performance Kiosk

It’s a Range Changer.™

With the GC2-K Performance Kiosk, you now have the unmatched performance and value of the GC2 Smart Camera System in a rugged, commercial-ready kiosk for your indoor and outdoor facilities. The GC2-K is an all-in-one solution for any golfer who wishes to have it installed at home. Compact and easily installed, the GC2-K Performance Kiosk delivers the same game-changing accuracy and reliability you've come to expect from Foresight Sports. And because it uses the same innovative  technology found in the GC2, no other commercial solution is easier to  use. No calibration. No marked balls. And when integrated with our full line of fitting and entertainment software, no limits to your revenue potential.

The ultimate all-in-one solution.

Ready to build retention and increases revenue? The GC2-K Performance Kiosk gives your customers the game-building and golf entertainment experience they've been waiting for- and keeps them coming back.

FSX software enabled.

The GC2-K Performance Kiosk is equipped with the latest and most powerful computer processor and graphics technology available, and is fully optimized to run our full line of FSX software.

Touchscreen simplicity.

From fitting to gaming, everything you want to see or do on the GC2-K is accessible at the touch of its high visibility indoor/outdoor screen. Easily and quickly interact with every facet of your fitting, practice, or game session.

Integrated swing analysis available.

With the optional swing analysis camera, you can instantly capture each and every swing in high-definition video - providing the ultimate compliment to your fitting and instructional analysis.


  • Technology : Stereoscopic high-speed digital camera system, Self-leveling accelerometer, On-screen ball identification system
  • Measured Data : Ball speed; horizontal & vertical launch angles; spin & spin axis
  • Calculated Data : Peak Height, Descent Angle, Carry Distance, Total Distance, Dispersion
  • Application : Indoor/Outdoor Launch Monitor, Golf Simulator, Club-Fitting, Training/Instruction
  • Capture Range :
    • Ball Speed : 2.0 - 200.0+ mph
    • Distance : 8 inches - 500+ yds
    • Launch Angle : 70 degrees
  • Accuracy Tolerance :
    • Vertical Launch Angle : +/- 0.2 degrees
    • Ball Speed : +/- 0.5 mph
    • Back Spin : +/- 50.0 rpm
    • Side Spin : +/- 50.0 rpm
    • Azimuth : +/- 0.1 degrees