"I'm totally impressed with the SC200 unit. I've already been able to gap test my irons from grass and work on my driver, getting that smash factor up. Got into the 1.4's today. My biggest problem was keeping momentum due to constant interruptions from onlookers at that the range, a lot of interest here. I've passed on your contact details and website to at least a dozen golfing folks today. I hope they make contact with you. Great service" Tony Anson 

"You have a very good product in The Orange Whip Trainer, really makes you feel what a good golf swing should feel like." Hermawan

"The Golf Studio is awesome, wish I could practice here regularly." Justina Leong

"Bought the Swingbyte just recently. Very impressed. I thought I was playing OK, but as soon as I looked at the swing data, I realised I had quite a few flaws. Started to work on correcting them and now have gained 10m with my 7 iron and now the ball flight is as I've always wanted it. Cheers. Best gadget I've bought in years." Basil Keen

"I thought it was only a stick until I tried it myself. It works like MAGIC! at 43 years old and playing futsal once a month can be very taxing with aches and pains the next morning. I used the stick after a tough 2 & half hours game. Boy was I glad the next morning, no pains and aches in the muscles. Thanks alot 'Stick'!" Osman Ali

"There is no question on the value of the Optishot+3, I mean the graphics and sound are incredible, the accuracy of the simulation compares to and in many cases exceeds that of much more expensive simulators in the market. At this price point, this is a must have device for any golfer and I congratulate you guys for bringing this to the Singapore market." Lionel Liew

"This thing is damn cool man!" Gautam Gharde (on the Optishot+3)

"The Optishot+3 is amazing, the first shot I took on it and the ball flight  was exactly the same as when I am on the golf course. I am hooked!!" Benedict Ng

"Glove pricing is attractive considering that it's Cabretta leather." Chew Meng Fai

" It's good to try training aids that are not easy to get elsewhere." Anwar Shah

"The Bridgestone used balls I ordered were as good as new and only at a fraction of the usual retail price. Fantastic savings and value. My order was delivered promptly too. All done in comfort from a computer. My golf buddies cannot stop thanking me for the recommendation." Matte Lim

"I ordered 5 boxes of Tour Special Mint condition balls from The Learning Tee online. The balls were in great condition and worth every cent. I can't go on enough about the service, got my order on the very day to my doorstep. Thank you and keep up the good work!" Daniel Soh

"Just wanted to tell you guys that I am very impressed with your service, pricing is great, balls are in perfect condition and delivery was prompt. I've got 3 kids who lose golf balls all the time -you are saving me a lot of $$$! Thanks." Matthew Sturgess

"As an amateur with a handicap of 14, I have found that the balls generate similar spin rates and launch angles as the new Pro V1s in the market, they are just as good and performed just as I expect from a new ball, plus it saves me money." Samuel Nixon

"I am truly impressed by the range, quality and price point of the balls offered by The Learning Tee.  The grade A balls are far superior to other used balls that I have seen, and the Mint grade balls are spectacular – are you sure they’re not new? Without doubt, whenever I need to stock up on new balls I will use The Learning Tee.  It's a perfect solution for amateur golfers who want to use premium balls without paying a premium price."  Ian Crawshaw

"Good to know that you have thought of us too with your collection of golf products for ladies."   Julie Koh

"The Srixon Z-Star X used balls I ordered were in mint condition, as good as new, real value for $$$! Thanks for the great recommendation.Rajesh Sharma

"If you're planning to buy used golf balls with condition almost looking like new, you've come to the right place!Melvin Neo

Good value for money! Excellent quality products and training aids in the market by far. Best buy and worth trying no matter if you are beginner or accomplished golfer” Kevin Chung

"I have since bought 4 dozen of your Mint Pro V1x golf balls and also passed on to some friends to try. Performance is pretty good, no difference in ball flight and trajectory compared to new balls, value for money. Does not hurt that much if you lose it due to an errant shot. Will definitely purchase again if I run out of stock." Jeff Fwah