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Putter Wheel

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  1. Great Training Aid

    Posted by Jeff on 29th Jun 2015

    This gadget certainly makes you concentrate on your putting stroke. If you don't strike the ball fairly square it will wobble, indicating that your putt will probably be off line.
    It really showed me how off center my putting has been.


Product Description

Teaches You How to Aim Like a Pro
Any golf instructor will tell you the most important aspect of being a great putter is the ability to aim your putter face consistently. The Putter Wheel gives you instant feedback on your aim. It clearly shows if you are aimed right or left. After a few practice sessions you will be consistently aiming at your target.

Gets Your Putter Face Square at Impact
The simple physics of putting tell us that if your putter face is square to the target at impact, the ball will roll to the target. The Putter Wheel gives you amazing feedback on this. If your putter face is open or closed at impact the Putter Wheel will wobble and roll offline. Within a few times using it you will learn how to get your putter face square.

Makes Your Practice More Effective
When most golfers practice putting, they aimlessly roll putts at the hole. This achieves little and can often cause more harm than good. Whether on the green or at home, practicing with the Putter Wheel forces you to work on and improve your fundamentals. After a few weeks of practice you will be making more putts, three putting less, and shooting lower score

1.  Line Of Sight - The Putter Wheel's patent pending wheel design encourages taking dead aim at your target. Even standing above the ball, you will be able to tell if you are on or off line. The narrow width builds confidence and focused aim.
2.  Setup - Getting your eyes over the ball: The Putter Wheel not only helps you align your body to the ball, but the distance as well. The Putter Wheel's red sidewalls tell you if you are too far or too close to the ball.
3.  Stroke - With confidence in your line and setup, the stroke becomes simpler. Make a rolling stroke as you would to get a wheel rolling. If your stroke is not square to the direction of the PutterWheel, it immediately tells you by wobbling off the club face.

Note : Sold as a pack of 2. Consists of 2 Putter Wheels, 1 line alignment template and 1 soft microfiber pouch